About Dodson Group Communications

With decades of experience in the telecommunications industry, Dodson Group combines depth of expertise and a commitment to superior customer service to bring you the best possible telecommunications solutions for your needs.

Our Mission

At Dodson Group, we leverage the latest technology and a team of local experts to build optimal telecommunications solutions that meet your needs—from creating obvious and actionable efficiencies to providing daily support to supporting scalability for future growth. With a firm commitment to innovation, our team continually improves solutions, finds new ways to control expenses, and ensures that Dodson Group always exceeds your expectations. We pride ourselves on radical customer service, building relationships that help us provide better solutions and rapid, local, day-to-day support.

An Experienced, Local Team of Technicians

Our team builds on a deep knowledge base to provide expert communications consulting and problem solving to all of our customers regardless of size. From small business to large enterprise, we build comprehensive solutions that boost productivity and reduce costs.

Superior Service Every Step of the Way

When you call Dodson Group your challenges are addressed right away. Our technicians take each call directly as it comes in, and immediately set to work to diagnose and eliminate the issue. We keep all of our support and customer service in-house, so you speak to a local expert who understands your business and your communications infrastructure—saving you time, frustration, and costly lost productivity.

Find out how Dodson Group’s approach can improve your company’s telecommunications services. Contact our team today to start building a better telecommunications solution.