Customized Audio, Video, and Web Conferencing Solutions

Today’s businesses require the immediate connectivity and convenience of teleconferencing, but many one-size-fits-all multimedia conferencing options compromise on performance or value. At Dodson Group, our technology specialists work with clients to define conferencing needs and provide customized solutions—so your business can rely on professional features and functionality but you only pay for the services you need.

Designing a custom conferencing solution is part of our commitment to superior service. As we understand your business process, our team suggests conferencing services that make sense, and establishes a conferencing solution that works—with no downloads, no numbers to call, no set-up fees, no monthly recurring charges, and NO CONTRACTS.

Our custom multimedia teleconferencing solutions incorporate a range of features designed to fit specific business needs, but common features include:

  • Web and Video Conferencing – A virtual meetings solution that works the way you do.  Whether you’re in the office or on the go.  One solution for all your web, audio and video conferencing needs.
  • On-Demand Teleconferencing – Available around-the-clock and at a moment’s notice, your teleconferencing system involves a simple direct call-in number and passcode. Using intuitive web-based tools and features, monitor and manage every conference without time-consuming set-up and no software downloads for guests.
  • Operator-Assisted Teleconferencing – Our communications staff can contact call participants and join them to the conference, screen incoming participants, and handle administrative details—like recording, facilitating question and answer sessions, and trouble-shooting technical concerns—so you can focus on making the call productive.
  • Multimedia Conferencing – Establish a virtual conference to leverage the value of a face-to-face meeting without incurring travel expenses. Share content, facilitate presentations, and maximize productivity with state-of-the-art audio, data, and voice integration technology.
  • Detailed Billing – You only pay for services you use, so billing captures call participation, minutes and features used, and actual services rendered, so you can track return on your investment and get the most value from your conferencing services.

Get rid of contracts and fees, and start using more advanced and professional teleconferencing and multimedia features that offer better value and better results.

Contact Dodson Group to start building a more effective and economical teleconferencing solution for your business.