Complete Custom Telecommunications Solutions

Drawing on a deep knowledge base and strong commitment to service, Dodson Group provides more than communications—we offer expert consulting and comprehensive, customized telecommunications solutions for each of our customers.

Our Process

We take the time to get to know our customers—analyzing existing communications infrastructure and equipment, studying site limitations, and learning about your business process so we can offer the strongest recommendations for every aspect of your communication needs. This baseline helps us continue to offer superior day-to-day service throughout our relationship so we can get out in front of problems, identify issues quickly, and handle maintenance directly via our local rapid support customer service.

Custom Telecommunications Systems

Depending on your situation, a custom solution might include VoIP telephone services; audio, video, or web conferencing; long distancededicated internet solutions, MPLS, and Ethernet services; or custom data center solutions. We use a variety of carriers and vendors to create your unique package, but centralize support with our local team. Customization allows us to create a package that includes all of the services and functionality you need, without making you pay for features you don’t use.

Phone Equipment

Our technicians can work with the telecommunications equipment you already have in place or suggest the best products for your needs. Dodson Group sources leading technology from Polycom, Cisco, and other top providers—including phones, networking equipment, and other hardware—to ensure that all of our customers have the functionality they need at an affordable price.

Let Dodson Group help you build a customized telecommunications solution that works for your business. Contact our team today to get started.