High-Volume Internet Communications

Your business needs the performance and flexibility of scalable, reliable high-speed and high-volume voice, Internet, and data services. Dodson Group creates customized packages to provide you with the services and functionality you need—from Internet fax capabilities to 800 number services and more—with superior service and excellent value.

Our high-volume Internet communications services include:

  • Internet Fax-2-Mail – Our Internet fax service provides convenient and reliable electronic document delivery worldwide. Send or receive faxes from your email, with features including customizable formats, auto archive, and ability to limit access by user. Internet Fax-2-Mail removes the maintenance and security concerns of traditional faxing. With no equipment or software support, you combine enhanced security and convenience with lowered costs.
  • 800 Number Service – Dramatically reduce costs for inbound  800 number, service with T1 routing through your long distance provider’s point-of-presence (POP). Around-the-clock service and internal routing save time, and costs are based on distance to the connection and usage, resulting in significantly lower overall costs for 800 number service.
  • Dedicated Internet Access – Get the best value for high-volume, large-scale internet presence.
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) – Enhance connectivity and flexibility for workers to do their jobs securely, even from remote locations.
  • Customized Point-to-Point Communications – With higher quality and better security for voice or data connections between two locations, our customized point-to-point solutions give you enhanced privacy and flexible pricing based on bandwidth usage and loop distance.
  • MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) – Customize your voice, internet, and network needs using one reliable connection to reduce overall costs while improving quality.

Contact our team to see how a customized plan can support your business communications volume requirements and enhance productivity.