Reliable, Cost-Effective Long Distance Solutions

Dodson Group long distance services make it easy for your business to enhance productivity while reducing telecommunications hassles and costs. Our team of expert technicians works with you to determine your needs—whether for 800 number services, calling card long distance, or low international rates—and then gives you the tools to manage and oversee long distance usage with detail and clarity. We not only provide convenient applications and customized functionality, but also help you identify ways to control usage and keep costs low without sacrificing the connectivity your business process demands.

Long Distance Services

When you work with Dodson Group, monthly fees, lengthy contracts, and minimum charges are a thing of the past. You’ll see detailed invoices and reports to help you manage expenses, and enjoy great rates, shorter billing increments, and superior service to enhance your experience.

800 Number Services

Our experienced team of communications technology specialists can help you reduce costs and streamline billing for an existing 800 number, or establish new 800 number service with no contract, no recurring monthly fees, convenient online report and invoicing management, and superior day-to-day service.

Make your long distance usage more efficient and more cost-effective with a custom solution from Dodson Group. Contact us today to get started.