Same-day, Local Customer Service

Dodson Group Communications specializes in two things: superior telecommunications solutions and superior service.

When you partner with Dodson Group for your telecommunications needs, you not only get a customized plan for your business communications, but also the reliability of quick, effective service. Our knowledgeable staff of local experts gets to know your business infrastructure, so we can proactively handle issues or, when a problem comes up, we can handle it quickly. Rapid support means you and your employees get the answers you need and service you require so you can get back to work—without drawn-out triage or costly downtime.

All of Dodson Group’s customer service is in-house and local. Each call is answered immediately and handled with same-day service—either over the phone or with an in-person site visit. Your customer service call is answered directly by a skilled technician who can immediately diagnose and troubleshoot your problem, and who knows how that issue may affect the other components of your telecommunications suite.

Immediate answers. Effective solutions. In-house customer service. That’s why Dodson Group is known for superior day-to-day telecommunications support. Find out how partnering with Dodson Group can make your telecommunications services more efficient and economical by contacting our team today.